Outreach weekend at Kuldīga

Do you want to be a part of a weekend that will impact the future? Do you want to spend your weekend telling others about Jesus? Join us in Kuldiga, November 23-25 for an Evangelism event. We would like you to be here no by 12:00 so we can meet and be on the streets by 13:00. Here are buses that leave from Riga at 7:00 arrive at 9:30 for 4.5lats, leave 8:10 arrive at 11:40 for 4.55lats. There may also be the possibility to ride in a car, but you would need to help pay for gasoline. The only other expense you would need would be 3 lats to pay for 2 meals. We will provide a place for you to stay and all your other meals. Contact Edgars Cinovskis 22380118 for more information or to let us know you are coming. God bless.


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